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Termite Technology

Termite eradication is John Ryan's specialty. John and the team are accredited installers of :


  • Australian made subterranean termite barrier
  • Backed by a $1million warranty
  • CodeMark certified
  • Registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (AVPMA)
  • Environmentally friendly, completely non-invasive
  • Won't corrode, crack or delaminate

  • Australian made reticulation system
  • FMC $1million warranty
  • CodeMark certified
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A long term, cost effective alternative

  • Specifically engineered products
  • 50 year product warranty
  • CodeMark certified
  • Certified with all relevant code and standards compliances

Xterm logo

  • Complete colony control, only targets termites
  • Rain / flood proof
  • Environmentally smart - children & pet friendly
  • High quality and durable

Syngenta Termicide logo
ALTRISET Termiticide (PDF)

  • Deadly to termites, very low toxicity to pets and the environment
  • Stops termites feeding & spreads through colony within hours
  • Completely eliminates termites in 90 days
  • Highly environmentally friendly