Pest Detection Methods

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection: A comprehensive look at the timber, starting with the exterior, helps to determine infestation. Probing and looking for mud leads and entry points help to actuate the extent of the pest infestation. Once termites are detected it is important that their colonies are not disturbed, this will minimize the spread of the infestation.

Audio Inspection

Audio Inspection: A special listening device, run along skirting boards, higher placed timbers and other exposed timbers, can detect termite infestations. A hollow sound produced indicates a termite infestation which needs to be treated. A simple tapping on the wall is another audio inspection that is practiced.

Termite Detection with the latest technology

Termite Detectors: John Ryan Pest Management keep themselves updated with the latest technology to provide you high quality services. The great part about their detector technology is there is no drilling and boring into your walls! John and the team use a Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide that can detect potential termite risk areas via heat differentials. Their Moisture Meter helps identify areas with concentrated, high moisture levels. Their Termite Detection Radar assists in accurately detecting termites.